Innovation through technology

Since 2002, Fastcomm has been at the forefront of the digital lifestyle revolution. We are a diversified Internet Technology Group that offers technology, products, and solutions to partners in South Africa and abroad, with offices in the USA, Europe, and Africa.

We are a Digital Lifestyle Technology & Services Provider (DLTP & DLSP or DLTSP). 

For the businesses that engage with us, we assist them through our own technology platforms, to get their messages and content to consumers, in a digital way. We create and use existing technologies and integrate them seamlessly into our client’s solution. 

We leverage the individual, integrated and stacked toolset of in-house developed tech platforms, via global B2B partnerships, to provide solutions into industry and sector B2B2C verticals that have a substantial customer database.  

Through our continuous modernization of technology platforms in IoT, social communications, private messaging, and digital payments, we are enabling rapid adoption in restaurants, banks, municipalities, telecommunications companies, and many other industries.

Our B2B2C business strategy ensures that partners enter a commercially viable business model.  

Our highly trained engineers have assembled an IP-owned vault of robust service and end-to-end tech platform stacks that can be customised. Thereby providing flexible and scalable solutions. Each layer has an independent value proposition and serves as a foundation to augment offerings. 

Our high-level technology platforms have seen revenue generating B2B agreements with customers and partners such as Samsung, Hoshizaki, Walmart and Vodafone.  

We specialise in R&D of technology to ensure delivery of the partner services to consumers AND we enable these companies to utilise this technology to create a digital lifestyle around their offering. 

Our definitions of the Digital Lifestyle environment:

A Digital Lifestyle Technology Provider (DLTP) specialises in research and development of technology to allow businesses to deliver their services and products to consumers to foster a digital lifestyle around their offering.  

A Digital Lifestyle Services Provider (DLSP) that enables companies to utilise technology to deliver services and products to consumers to create a digital lifestyle around their offering.  

WHY FASTCOMM? Soon, all businesses will need technology as the core of their offering, not only to survive, but to prosper in this ever-changing landscape. Through strategic partnerships, Fastcomm identifies opportunities and gaps within our clients’ businesses. We assist these businesses to adapt to new business strategies and philosophies by keeping it current and ensuring sustainable change. This enables their business to adopt a digital lifestyle and have a competitive edge. We supply technology to partners that will assist their businesses in delivering messages and content to their consumers in a digital way. This is accomplished by solving problems and innovating through agile methodologies, which improve lives and our clients’ offerings. As a result of our customizable, invisible IP-owned technology platforms, our solutions are commercially beneficial and ensure a quick and efficient go-to-market. Providing seamless, integrated, and contextualized experiences for our strategic partners is our priority.

Our business is built on 4-cornerstone digital platforms that offer a connected experience.

Communication Layer

A multi-format, multi-app communications aggregation and consolidation layer, integrating social media apps, secure messaging apps, SMS, email into a single interface, using Fastcomm’s hi.guru software suite.

Value Added Service Layer

A set of interlinked service modules facilitating flexible deployment of business specific application logic and presentation layers, using Fastcomm’s Latch software suite.

Transaction Layer

Using Fastcomm’s WalletWorx, multiple payment formats and associated transaction data can be integrated into any business or consumer solution. including integration into banks and other financial intermediaries

IoT layer

A secure middleware gateway platform mediating between multi-protocol endpoint IoT devices and Internet applications. In global use by Samsung, Walmart, Hoshizaki and Scotsman using Fastcomm’s ‘Hellothing’ software suite


How it all began

Executive team

Frank Kilbourn

Chairman - Fastcomm group

Founder of the Bright Group, focusing on private equity and venture capital. Co-founder of the Bright Foundation. Frank serves on many boards and is currently chairman of Strauss & Co.

Stephan du Plessis

CEO – Fastcomm group

Results-driven Marketing Executive, with a passion for experience-led digital transformation and innovation.

Solution architect and software development head. Development of Enterprise Telecommunication and Mobile solutions; Network Management Design and Implementation.

cto - fastcomm group

Morne De Bruine

Seasoned business executive with over 20 years’ experience in executive positions in both the public and private sector in SA. Oupa currently serves as Exec Chairperson to CZ Electronics.

NEBM - Fastcomm group

Oupa Magashula

Founder member of Fast Communication Systems (Pty) Ltd. Legal practitioner and businessman.

NEBM - Fastcomm group

Strachan Kotzè



Founder of the Bright Group, focusing on private equity and venture capital. Co-founder of the Bright Foundation. Frank serves on many boards and is currently chairman of Strauss & Co.

Chairman Fastcomm group

Frank Kilbourn

Founding member and Executive Director of Fast Communication Systems (Pty) Ltd, Special. Advisor to the Mandela Cabinet in 1995 – technology in government.

CEO – Fastcomm group

Goltz Wessmann

Technology visionary and operational leader. Expert in telecommunication protocols & systems, network management solutions and mobile application development.

coo - fastcomm group

Gerhard Olivier

Thought leader and strategist to the group. Previously held senior positions at UUNET and Sprint.

Chief Strategist – Fastcomm group

Grant Theis

Founder and former CEO of Keystream AB. Over 25 years’ experience from system development in the telecom industry of which the last 10 focusing on VoIP solutions.

Chief Executive – Zaark

Olle Frimanson​

Passionate about improving customer engagement with 15 years+ expertise in solution design, market analysis, measurement and all things customer experience related.

Managing Director of hi.guru™

Ingrid Olivier

Janet has been with Fastcomm for 15 years and has over 25 years’ experience in H.R. , Corporate governance and Secretarial management.

Company Secretary – Fastcomm group

Janet Sailer