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Healthy Air and The Indoor Environment

In businesses, the quality of indoor air has risen to the top of the priority list. Getting a better understanding of your indoor air quality as well as where issues are most likely to occur can help you improve your IAQ.

The Kitchen. As a result of all the activities taking place here, this is easily the biggest source of problems. The smoke and oil produced by grills, stoves, and ovens often produce harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, which linger in the air.

The Refrigeration Unit. When there is excessive moisture in the air, mold and mildew can grow.

The HVAC System. HVAC equipment greatly impacts the quality of indoor air and faulty HVAC equipment not only causes discomfort but also can cause poor air circulation, which increase the possibility of virus survival and transmission.

Assessing the air quality in your restaurant and following the practical guidelines prescribed by organizations that support public health and the HVAC industry will help bring confidence to your customers and employees.

Creating a safe and healthy environment should be the primary focus rather than just complying with regulations. Using Fastcomm’s smart IOT enabled indoor air quality sensors, you can actively monitor indoor conditions and receive real-time information so that you can identify problems and resolve them quickly.


  • Improvement of the work environment for employees and customers
  • Decreased risk of spreading diseases or infections by air
  • Increased productivity and performance at work level
  • Guarantee of a safe and healthy environment.

Smart Connected Data Management Platform

Get live customer data at your fingertips to drive campaigns, optimize locations and provide targeted marketing information with Fastcomm’s solution known as Hello+Vision, a smart connected data management platform and camera system, powered by artificial intelligence that collects anonymous in-store customer data, 24/7.

Our solution enables you to gather visitor analytics for each location anonymously. All data captured is instantly uploaded to our secure cloud server, enabling you to access valuable insights to visitor traffic trends such as customer demographics, dwell time as well as emotional response to marketing messages.

Our secret sauce lies in our platform being able to intelligently connect to external systems too. It connects to Point of Sale, Content Management Systems, Inventory Systems, Data Visualization apps or any hardware or software that has open access.

Included in our solution:

Smart shelving

  • We add intelligence to the screen displays; enabling screens to seamlessly connect to customized use cases, specific to physical locations.​
  • We provide a unique middleware, the Smart Connector. It takes outputs from digital menu boards, video walls, touch kiosks, outdoor signage, shelf tags and converts them into the most appropriate content to display. The Smart Connector ensures that the screen displays the input source according to its intended use i.e a digital menu board at a location can display dynamic pricing for menu items, specials and promotions, update menu images, and order confirmations via the POS.
  • To ensure optimal data collection, each smart shelf is fitted with an Element Effectiveness Kit Camera to collect anonymous data on shoppers’ actions.



  • Our RetailMi solution is an exclusive application that provides interaction with a pad or touch screen monitor. This one-of-a-kind application collects data and shares information in multiple formats.
  • Customers interact with the screen to locate products, learn nutritional value, talk face to face with product experts, take surveys, capture coupons, learn about the brand and communicate via social media.
  • Data collected can be accessed through the Hello+Vision 360 portal.



  • Increase monitization opportunities
  • Ability to find and nurture new customers
  • Get real-time insight on existing customers and potential prospects

Smart Connected Machines

Our smart connected equipment monitoring solution provides you with peace of mind in that you can easily and conveniently manage and monitor your equipment from anywhere, at any time and ensure no operational down time. 


  • Connect Remotely 24/7
  • Worldwide Access
  • Intelligent Monitoring, Immediate ALERTS Real Time Diagnosis & Control
  • Scalable, Secure Cloud Platform Integration with Existing Systems Business Intelligence & Analytics Customized IoT Solutions
  • Smart/Digital Transformation
  • New Services & Revenue Streams



  • Real-time monitoring and diagnosis
  • Immediate notifications
  • Reduce or eliminate operational downtime
  • Dashboard views
  • Enables proactive servicing
  • Time-to-clean scheduling

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