Connected Cooking: Three Ways IoT Will Revolutionize Smart Kitchens

Everything from a tiny magnet to a refrigerator door can be connected to the internet. Taken from the last Smart Kitchen Summit in 2018, appliance companies such as Gourmia, are set out to develop smart IoT tools for kitchen appliances. Yet, this is only the beginning of how cooks can rely on easy-to-use tools from sous vide to juicers to become as smart as possible.

IoT and household devices: Making your home kitchen smarter than ever

Today, we’re living in an age where measuring devices are Bluetooth-enabled and refrigerators come with WiFi and USB adaptors. IoT promises that smart tech features like Google Home and Amazon’s Echo provides access to music, receive daily information, and sets timers without a single touch of a button. In fact, smart thermostats can help turn on the heat before we arrive home while lightbulbs can automatically turn on, even when we’re out. Meanwhile, home security offers live monitoring and the ability to talk to house visitors straight from your phone.

IoT to reduce waste and lower costs

Approximately 1.3 billion tons of food goes to waste every year, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. With the growing cost of produce, IoT-enabled inventory tools help homeowners keep track of their home inventory easily. For example, IoT-enabled ovens help reduce raw material consumption by up to 10% and lower the use of energy consumption by up to 28%.

IoT provides digital assistance

While digital assistance is found in a variety of smart home appliances, voice-activated tools are useful when your hands are covered in flour or measuring ingredients. Whether you’re converting ounces to gallons or deciphering a new recipe, smart-talking gadgets are becoming the ideal sous chefs. Not to mention, the latest crock-pots and digital thermometers are designed to provide temperature graphs and adjust cook times for better results

So, should you consider these upcoming IoT technologies in your own home kitchen? While you could make the argument that IoT in the house is a passing trend, our kitchens will gradually focus on becoming a high-tech, smart driven lifestyle that will change the way we live.

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