How 5G, AI & IoT Connectivity are set to Accelerate Digital Transformation

The next, more mature stage of the connectivity will be powered by three key elements: the internet of things, machine learning, and 5G. The constant growth of online services and internet of things (IoT) devices generate massive amounts of data, which can be sorted via machine learning algorithms. 5G connectivity accelerates the data transfer and allows the process to scale even further. Unfortunately, the digital transformation won’t reach its potential unless consumers can trust that all of the data they generate through their devices is private and safe. Many companies today are doing a poor job addressing this need.

Two Sides Of The Connectivity

Today, advanced connectivity is both valuable and risky. While it’s convenient to use smart home devices, they are vulnerable to cyber threats and may even be recording you without your knowledge. Social media is a great tool to connect — until your data gets harvested by third parties. Web tracking tools are supposed to personalize the experience, but they are often used to display advertisements instead.

A recent Eurobarometer study revealed that 87% of Europeans surveyed avoid disclosing personal information online. Last year, a company surveyed a representative sample of 2,600 smart homeowners and found that 87.3% were “highly concerned” about losing personal and contact information, while 77.5% worry about unauthorized remote access to their connected devices. 

Despite the awareness, more than 2.2 billion user records have already been breached due to a combination of reckless data security by enterprises and lack of personal cybersecurity efforts by users. That includes social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and other personal and financial information. The lack of cybersecurity and privacy is a huge risk for digital transformation.

Article Source: Forbes

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