IoT and its Impact on Restaurants and C-Stores

As modern technology continues to positively impact, not only our daily lives but equally, many industries in a prolific way, it’s no surprise then that the Internet of Things (IoT) further promises to revolutionize restaurants, the food-service industry, as well as many C-Stores, ultimately turning them into smart connected restaurants and smart connected stores.

When the power of the internet was first introduced, little did we know that ultimately it would alter the very way we communicate and gather information to make decisions. Following on from that very same framework,  IoT will enable machines, computers, appliances, and various pieces of equipment, to smartly transmit large amounts of data to cloud-based applications that will intelligently analyze and react to conditions, often without human intervention.

As IoT continues to gain popularity, new innovative technologies, such as Fastcomm’s Hellothing Connected Platform and Remote Monitoring solution were created to enable restaurants and convenience stores to maximize the lifetimes of assets such as kitchen equipment (ice machines, refrigerators and such), HVAC systems, and lighting. This IoT solution allows restaurants and businesses in this sector to expertly maintain an optimal level of service to their customers and enhance product quality while minimizing maintenance and capital costs by improving their overall operations.

IoT and the Mobility of Remote Monitoring for Restaurants and C-Stores

As an example, a restaurant owner may remotely monitor his refrigerators and ice machines to ensure that optimum levels of temperature are always maintained, and that food quality is never jeopardized. Sensors mounted on each piece of refrigerated equipment wirelessly sends data to the Hellothing Cloud Connected platform, where automated analysis is performed, generating real-time alerts and recommendations which are transmitted to computers and mobile devices. With this type of advanced analytic reporting, IoT can reduce maintenance costs and help avoid food contamination, or machine down time.

The real value of using IoT though is its inate ability to intelligently gather large amounts of data and ultimately enable operators to respond quickly, in real-time. Responses could include automatically adjusting settings, sending alerts about potential malfunctions before they shutdowns, troubleshooting existing problems–and even turning off a piece of equipment that’s not needed. Applications may remind operators when maintenance is required, let them know the correct procedures to take, and even order replacement parts or supplies automatically. Additionally, since food safety and product quality require constant vigilance, IoT is a great vehicle for ensuring that these key factors are being addressed 24/7.

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