IoT and the Connected Restaurant Kitchen

Digital transformation is an ever-ongoing development process and in the last decade the internet, or more so, the Internet of Things has been recognized for its empowering role to change economic and social systems. IoT has since then continued to spread and is nowadays considered to be one of the most disruptive technologies in modern history. The term “Smart Remote Monitoring” has become ubiquitous when we think of IoT, and a lot has been said about having the ability to utilise internet-connected and remotely controlled equipment in commercial facilities such as a connected restaurant kitchen.

In fact, experts predict that IoT Connected Restaurant Kitchens or Smart Kitchens will become a $10 billion industry. For some, improved nutrition is the primary appeal of smart kitchens. Smart kitchens keep track of food ingredients and suggest specific food to improve each unique user’s health. Add in the fact that smart kitchens will automatically shut off the heat after use to prevent fires and this is just one of the many reasons why people, more so restauranteurs, are excited about this technology.

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