Smart Connected Building,
Facilities and Utilities Management

Using our smart sensor data, you can optimize operations, reduce costs, and create sustainable, safe, and energy-efficient buildings.

Smart IoT Platform for your Building

Our IoT Platform enables businesses to digitally transform their operations by connecting their physical world with a digital one.

By harnessing real-time operational insights, businesses can now boost efficiency, make more informed decisions, and reduce their operating costs.

Transform your spaces into healthier and intelligent places that adapt to change in the environment and occupant needs, by upgrading your equipment digitally, remotely manage and fix problems before they become critical, and extend the lifetime of your assets.

Wireless sensors

Fully customizable, scalable, smart, and secure sensors that collect data from anywhere and seamlessly integrate with your operations

Asset and equipment sensor

Air quality sensor

Temperature sensor

Water flow sensor

Meeting room capacity sensor

Gate entry sensor

Server room sensor

Access control and capacity sensor

Health and wellbeing
Temperature screening sensor


Simple installation

Wide sensor coverage

Remote sensor management

Flexible integration


Designed for scale

Custom alerts


Innovate with us

At Fastcomm we recognise that not every business is the same and we offer various ways for successful applicants to partner with us. We believe in creating long-term partnerships that solve problems and change people’s lives, through technology. Our highly trained engineers collaborate with our Global partners to build, integrate and support large-scale solutions.

Using these solutions, we aim to unlock a world of possibilities through digital transformation, by jointly creating a competitive advantage.

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