Healthier Indoor Air with Fastcomm’s IoT Solutions

A recent report ranked indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to human health, and as COVID-19 advances, there is greater awareness of the need to eliminate volatile indoor pollutants and ultimately ensure a healthier indoor environment.

To address this need, implementing an IoT solution in our indoor environments has been identified as an effective way for businesses to prevent highly infectious diseases from spreading rapidly in today’s globalized world. Environmental efforts normally focus on improving the outdoors, but according to the EPA, pollutants indoors may be more severe than those outdoors. Since 90% of people’s time is spent indoors, this is a serious concern.

As many companies look to transition their staff back to work, is therefore important for business leaders to develop an indoor air quality management program that enables them to control contaminants and ensure adequate ventilation to ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Investing in an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that monitors air quality continuously and monitors pollutants to help maintain a healthy level of fresh air is fundamental to establishing a good indoor air quality management program. It also provides actionable data you can use to address existing issues and document your improvement over time.

To address future needs, IoT could be utilized for detecting infection faster or delivering care more effectively, these scenarios may include a network of indoor sensors such as virus-detection sensors to detect and purge toxins.

To find out how to begin implementing an IoT solution at your office, Retail store, Restaurant or Hospital, schedule a call with us today.