Building a Healthy Building is Now a Reality with the Internet of Things.

When it comes to a Healthy building, almost any factor that influences the health of the workplace can now be measured with Internet of Things (IoT) like sensors or wearable technologies that can measure occupancy, light or sound intensity, pressure, or the level of CO2; however, simply observing is only one part, understanding the data and making appropriate changes is another.

A healthy building or workplace is high on many facility managers’ agendas, and the Internet of Things (IoT) presents an opportunity to convert a smart building into a healthy one, but how does it all work?

Often, employees spend a significant portion of their day in their office or working environment so it’s important that the workplace is a healthy one. Just providing a workstation or a desk is not sufficient; organizations need to support their employees consciously and even subconsciously.

Studies show that improving indoor air quality can improve work performance and productivity by up to 9%. It also shows that temperature, a very important component of air quality, has a very strong impact on how a person behaves. Other than temperature, there are many other factors that determine how employees feel and behave in the workplace. Similarly, research has also shown that CO2 plays a significant role in a company’s productivity. People working in well-ventilated office environments – where CO2 levels are lower – perform significantly better on cognitive tasks than those working in offices with normal levels.

To achieve a healthy building, iintroducing a continuous monitoring solution powered by the Internet of Things, enables companies to combine measured data and values with external data sources, so that the embedded IoT system can use that data to learn from and automatically take action based on it, and as a result of this, smart buildings are transformed into healthy buildings.

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