Technology and Healthy Buildings – What’s the Connection?

When it comes to technology, IoT innovation makes it easier for companies to transform their seemingly normal buildings into healthy buildings, and as organizations approach the crucial question of how to safely return employees to the workplace, new guidelines and protocols are essential for a safe return.

In a recent webinar, MIT and EY explored what healthy buildings are, what role they can play in combating diseases such as Coronaviruses, and what design and technology can achieve these results.

As early as the discussion began, panellists stated that the Coronavirus pandemic will have a profound impact on the future of work and our buildings. They also outlined the role that technology and automation could play in helping to create these healthy buildings.

Healthy buildings not only benefit employees, but they can also help organizations cut costs and boost performance. Having healthy buildings benefits both people and businesses alike.

Technology that can help create and maintain healthy buildings

  1. IoT sensors – The use of IoT sensors can be used by building managers to improve health-related monitoring procedures in public areas. Some common uses involve using sensors to manage and monitor Indoor Air Quality, detect any anomalies and send alerts.
  2. AI and algorithms – Deep learning and AI in combination can improve the detection and diagnosis of COVID-19, as well as assist in developing better layouts according to how users move through environments.
  3. Digital twin – Digital twins allow us to visualize a secure, scalable, and eminently adoptable digital ecosystem quickly and seamlessly in real-time.

To find out how to implement smart technology such as an IoT solution to make your building office, Retail store, Restaurant, or Hospital healthy, schedule a call with us today.